You can choose from different materials for your design on wall decoration, namely aluminum (dibond), plexiglass, canvas or paper. You can read all the properties and other information about the materials here.

Aluminum dibond

If you are looking for wall decoration that stands out, then you are in the right place with a print on aluminum dibond. The full color print jumps off the plate. The designs on dibond are very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Dibond plates are light plates that are made up of three layers. The outer layers are made of 0.3 mm thick aluminum and the core is made of black plastic, also called polyethylene. The entire plate is 3 mm thick.

Dibond is an aluminum sandwich plate that is stiff and very lightweight due to this structure, and is also durable. Due to the excellent product properties for indoor and outdoor use, a poster on dibond is a perfect choice for your art in the living room or in the garden.


Create a unique piece of art with plexiglass posters. Plexiglass prints have a particularly professional and spatial effect. The plexiglass plates are finished with blockout foil, so you cannot see through them. The material is extremely strong and extremely durable. Plexiglass is the best choice for beautiful art that can hang on the wall for a long time.

The sheets are 5mm thick, form-retaining, durable and have a beautiful shine and reflection that gives the poster a fantastic effect.

Suitable for indoor use.


A canvas is a timeless material and fits into almost any interior. Each canvas is stretched by hand at the printer. This way they retain maximum control over the quality for you! The canvas is stretched on a sturdy wooden frame with stretcher bars. The wooden frame is 18mm thick and comes standard with a free hanging set.

A print on canvas is very suitable for indoor use, but it is also UV-resistant. A high-quality window is made for the frame. The sturdy wooden frame is so light that you only need one or two screws or nails to hang it on the wall, depending on the size.

Please note that the sides of the canvas will also be printed, you loses a fraction of the design at the edges.


Choosing the right paper for art prints is very precise. After extensively studying various proofs, we decided to use 270 grams matte photo paper, finished with a single-sided lamination. The paper is very thick, so it can absorb the ink well without warping. The laminate layer is an extra protection against UV light (due to discolouration) and moisture. Because a print on paper is cheaper than the other materials, you can alternate with your designs in the list.

Suspension systems

The materials plexiglass and aluminum (dibond) are supplied including a blind hanging system for formats larger than 70 x 100 centimeters that can be attached to the back of the plate. A self-adhesive mounting plate is included for the smaller formats.

The mounting instructions for the blind suspension system (frame) can be foundhere. The instructions for the self-adhesive hanging platehere.

The gallery print comes with a pre-assembled hanging system on the back.

The canvas also comes with a hanging system that is easy to mount is.